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"Shake Your Smitties"

On Everything!

Versatility at Its Best

What makes Smitties truly exceptional is its incredible versatility. From sizzling meats to garden-fresh veggies, from movie night popcorn to fluffy scrambled eggs – Smitties' original seasoning is your go-to choice for enhancing the taste of any dish.

Whether you're a culinary pro or a novice in the kitchen, you'll love the magic it brings to every meal.

Time-Tested Flavor

Our original blend's been loved for generations, a testament to its unbeatable taste.

All-Occasion Wonder

From breakfast to dinner, our seasoning elevates every meal with a burst of flavor.

Premium Quality

We use only the finest ingredients, ensuring a consistent and mouthwatering taste.

Humble Roots

Born in our family's beloved Ohio diner, Smitties, our seasoning was a local favorite. After the diner's closure, we preserved this culinary legacy. Now, Smitties Seasoning continues to add its unique flavor to meals everywhere, maintaining a tradition cherished since 1956.